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From the moment the decision is made to move to Switzerland, Lifestylemanagers  relocation professionals go the extra mile to guide clients through the relocation process, from local orientation, finding a new home, setting up Swiss bank accounts, insurances, and other essential services, to smoothing the settling-in process, finding appropriate schools and clubs and introducing new arrivals and their families to their ongoing support and social networks. Finally when contracts end, we complete the experience by guiding clients through the various steps of the repatriation process.

Lifestylemanagement - there when you need us

Being new in a country can provide newcomers with many challenges, especially concerning communication and locating specific items and services. We provide a professional, personalised service that is diverse and inclusive. Whether it is organising Visas or booking your holidays; finding and liaising with trades people or finding household staff; even shopping for furniture, lighting etc… for your new home, we are there for you. All our services are treated with the utmost discretion and as strictly confidential. 
We can help with any task, be it large or small, saving you time and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Events - We are specialists in managing small exclusive events

We specialize in organising, or partnering with you to organise, events where language can be a barrier. We have managed everything from corporate events and weddings, to expatriate get-togethers and integration evenings. Whether you are a company or a private individual and would like us to manage the organisation of your next event, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 



Natalie Albrecht

Natalie Albrecht is the founder of Lifestylemanagers and ZUG4YOU.CH. She has known what it is like to be expat since she was a small child living in 5 countries on different continents, all with vastly diverse cultures. She knows firsthand what kind of upheaval can be caused for families during these transitions. At 21, she fell in love with Zug and has remained loyal ever since. As she became more ‘local’ she regularly and sympathetically witnessed the struggles of other expats, and it was from her empathy with the plight of her fellow global nomads that the concept of Lifestylemanagers was formulated.

Heidi Köpfli
Relocation Consultant


Heidi Koepfli is an internationally trained interior designer. Born in Switzerland, she has travelled all over the world and also lived in the US with her family for many years. Having experienced first-hand the challenges that expatriate families often face, it is her wish to support clients in achieving as smooth of a transition as possible upon their arrival to Switzerland. Meeting new people from different backgrounds is one of her highlights on the job.


We really enjoy working with our clients and business partners. Read what they have to say about us.

Since five years Thomson Reuters Global Resources is working together with Natalie Albrecht.
 She brought a tremendous value in the support of our expat community and
 always was very helpful, reliable in making sure that our colleagues blended into the new environment very fast and smoothly.

Herbert Sterchi-Sergolin

COO Thomson Reuters
Lifestylemanagers organized our Opening Cocktail. We connected straight away with Natalie Albrecht and her uncomplicated, natural and personal way of approaching things. She presented our new office spaces with lots of flair and in a highly professional manner. The decoration was both tasteful and elegant. Our guests enjoyed the delicious cocktail pastries and lingered in the cosy atmosphere of our conference room where a tasty Indian-Asian buffet was served. Service was attentive and discreet, in short very professionally organized. We highly recommend the personal commitment and the creativity of Lifestylemanagers.
Rita and Osman Ali Khan, ART Systems AG
"We planned our move to Zug during a very busy period at work. It would have been impossible without Lifestylemanagers. Natalie helped us navigate the real estate market to find a wonderful home.  After we arrived, Natalie made sure that all of our formalities were completed, and introduced us to schools, service providers and interesting people in the area.  We can recommend Lifestylemanagers with complete confidence. "


Brian and Irina Dublin, with Martin and Nathan

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Did you know that without ongoing support
  • Forty percent of those assigned to important overseas posts derail after 18 months.
  • Expatriation failures cost companies at least 10 times their expensive expatriate salaries.
  • Each failure demoralizes co-workers and direct reports which jeopardizes relationships with business partners, customers and other stakeholders.

One of the main reasons for derailment of expatriate postings, is unhappy spouses and families due to an incomplete or unsuccessful transition into a new environment

Is your company interested in improving their expatriation success rate?

At Lifestylemanagers we are much more than a professional relocation company, we go the extra mile to ensure that your international employees and their families are properly settled and integrated into the expatriate community, often answering questions and providing solutions that they might not feel comfortable or professional asking their employer.

When relocating your employees with Lifestylemanagers your benefits will be:
  • Competent answers to all questions about moving to and living in Switzerland
  • Fast, professional search for accommodations, either purchase or rental.
  • Logistic support to overcome linguistic and cultural hurdles
  • Smooth transition into families new environment
  • Service structure that caters for their needs

Lifestylemanagers will also take pressure off your busy HR Department by providing:
  • Smooth transfer of international assignees
  • Immediate start on the job
  • Family integration into community
  • Contented spouse and children

Getting to know and feeling comfortable in a new area is an essential first step in the process of relocation to Switzerland.

At our initial meeting we welcome and get to know your assignee and their family and take the time to identify their specific needs.

Lifestylemanagers Look-See assignee orientation trips are designed to provide an overview and insight into the assignees new life in Switzerland and an introduction to local culture.

Our relocation expert will show the family the major points of interest, suggest housing areas which match their personal requirements and explain local services, public transportation and driving routes, the Swiss and International schools and options in the area, point out hospitals, shopping, sports facilities, and discuss international clubs and other services which cater to their family life requirements.

At the end of this orientation there will be an opportunity for the assignee and their families to ask questions and review the day.

We understand how daunting the immigration process can be for your international assignees, especially those who do not speak German, it can also be very time consuming for your HR department.

At Lifestylemanagers we provide your assignees with information about the necessary documents needed for Switzerland's immigration process.

We will:
  • Advise on Swiss health insurance issues
  • Fill in forms according to Swiss permit requirements
  • Accompany assignees to the immigration office when delivering files

We know that finding the right home in the right area is essential to contentment and expatriate family integration and that if your employees family is not happy you simply will not get the best from them.

At Lifestylemanagers we get to know your international assignees and define their indiviual family requirements so that we can find their ‘Swiss home’ in the area most suited to their needs.

We will:
  • Define the families desires and requirements of an ideal home, while managing expectations which may necessarily be different from their home country.
  • Locate appropriate properties and make appointments for viewing
  • Go house hunting with the assignee and translate and speak for them when necessary
  • Negotiate and organize contracts
  • Assist during the handover
  • Settle the family in and explain Swiss house rules

It will be very important to your international assignees that their children are happy and settled in the right school, so understanding the family and making the correct placement is essential.

Lifestylemanagers provides information and are competent to answer questions about both international, bi-lingual and local Swiss school system from pre-school, all the way through to University.

We are available to:

  • Discuss families indiviual schooling requirements
  • Arrange and accompany families on school visits
  • Assist in the registration process

Once your international assignees have found a home they will most likely need assistance settling in to Swiss life, especially if they do not speak German.

Lifestylemanagers provides personalized ‘settling in to Swiss life’ assistance tailored to the specific requirments of each family.

  • Help you open a bank account
  • Explain the recycling system, public transport system, etc…
  • Give tips on introductions to neighbors, expatriate community, doctors, etc…
  • Area tour with advice on stores, local suppliers, shopping, post office, etc…
  • Explain payment system in Switzerland
  • Arrange insurance coverage for cars, household/liability, etc…
  • Connect internet, phone, TV - sign you up with Billag (TV licence)
  • Guidance on buying a car, drivers license, car registration etc…
  • Information about local Language schools
  • Advice about activities and a network for non-working spouses
  • Phone Helpline for the first month

When contracts are over, and assignees must be repatriated, the process of settling international families into Switzerland reverses and there are many steps to the process.

Lifestylemanagers provides a complete repatriation service, including closing of rental contracts and organizing cleaning services, for those moving on at short notice

We are available to:
  • Terminate apartment leases and if necessary find "follow up" tenants for apartments
  • Organize and monitor moving company
  • Organize a cleaning company and the handover of apartment
  • Terminate contracts with with service companies, insurances, etc
  • Deregister at the local Gemeinde.
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